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This page demonstrates the default settings for the MLR Audio plugin. The default shortcode shows all media elements from all categories but there is also a category parameter for displaying selected tracks from categories. See the readme.txt file within the plugin directory for more information.
For the moment no more than one player is allowed per page.

Default audio player.

  • Coast to coast by Ted Della
  • New Orleans by Ted Della

Options page for audio player.

  • Change visible height of the playlist. If the actual height of the playlist is longer than this height a jquery scrollbar will be employed.
  • Order playlist tracks by date or title.
  • Choose if the playlist is hidden or visible on page load. There is a toggle button to toggle the playlist visibility.
  • Autoplay on page load.
  • Random play toggle button.
  • Display thumbnail image in player header (left/right).
  • Customise colours of the player using WP color picker.

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