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Note: This post might be useful to anyone using the Storefront Chronology Theme who wants to add more Social icons to the existing theme or just more general icons to their default Chronology font. Fontello is an icon font generator where you can compile and download a bespoke webfont from various well known icon fonts.It […]


I had previously been using a cufon font plugin for rendering some fonts on a website. Cufon fonts use html5 canvas to draw each character of the font to before displaying it so there is a delay in rendering which looks untidy. Cufon fonts display fine on a desktop but render very poorly on retina […]

  • August 1st, 2015
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I made this game to see whether I could make a word game similar to the popular word game7 little words. Apart from the layout, my version differs in the way in which the groups of letters which form the answers are randomly generated and therefore the puzzle is different every time.


Picture puzzle game created from a script by Brad Manderscheid.The game will not work on touch screen at the moment. All pictures featured are either taken by myself or are in the public domain. The game will reset on window resize.


I love using icons on my websites. They can make websites more intuitive and straight-forward for visitors to use if used in the right way. Adding .png files as icons is cumbersome and inflexible so when I discovered icon-fonts it was a breath of fresh air and now I’m always looking to use them where […]


I recently made a website which was just one page with a fixed navigation bar at the top of the page. The idea was that when you click on the navigation links the page scrolls to the relevent section on the page.If the user was also to use the scrollbar to move up and down […]