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Canvas Scrolling Text Examples


Background image, Text Scroll Speed = 6.2, Pause on Hover Foreground image, Text Scroll Speed = 3.6, Delay before Scrolling = 1.5s, Pause on Hover Foreground image, Text Scroll Speed = 2.6, Delay before Scrolling = 1.5s, Pause on Hover


Simple Javascript OOP

I like to use maths to exercise my javascript coding.Below is the code I used to make a simple user interface which uses the input values to calculate the answers to three problems. html for the user input and results Firstly we add the text input boxes, one for the number(n) and one for the […]


Canvas transformations

A simple demonstration of the canvas transformation matrix. This browser does not support the canvas tag.Please update to the latest version. Scale Horizontally: Skew Horizontally: Skew Vertically: Scale Vertically: Move Horizontally: Move vertically:


Simple ping-pong game using HTML5 canvas


This game will not work on touch screen devices. Click here to see the demo. The index.php file Important things to note are the link to the .js file in the head and the canvas element and .js script in the body. The code within the script tags checks if the DOM is ready using […]


Hangman javascript game


A hangman game made with javascript. Select from three genres: movies, music or general (bottom left) or to play with a friend write your own (see icon bottom right). Guess the letter or the complete word or phrase. Type in textbox and click submit. The game will reset on window resize.